Win a Netflix, Stan or Presto subscription for commenting on TV Daily!

TVDaily2By commenting on TV Daily, you could win you a Netflix, Stan or Presto subscription!

We’ll be awarding prizes for every 300 comments made on the site:

  • Every three hundred commentors, the lucky 300th commentor will win a Netflix/Stan/Presto subscription – regardless of the comment (unless the comment is spam or breaches our terms and conditions)!
  • We’ll also be going through every 300 comments and choosing the best comment or comments awarding at least one Netflix/Stan or Presto subscription within those comments! Your comment could be funny, insightful, informative or pretty much any other reason. Any comment or comments that we think is worthy will win a prize – we’ll explain why we think that comment deserves a prize in our winners section below.

We’ve listed the terms and conditions of this competition below – if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll try to get to your query as soon as possible!

Terms and Conditions

  • TV Daily is not associated or affiliated with Netflix, Stan or Presto.
  • The prize consists of either a one month Netflix Basic subscription (valued at $8.99 AUD), a one month Stan subscription (valued at $10 AUD) or a one month Presto TV or Presto Movies subscription (valued at $10 AUD). If we are unable to provide the prize requested, we will provide an equivalent cash prize, paid to the winner’s Paypal email address.
  • A comment is defined as a comment made on TV Daily, not considered to be spam or obscene, and authored by a regular user of TV Daily (ie. not an TV Daily Administrator).
  • For every 300 comments (excluding spam or comments that breach our terms and conditions), we will award one prize to the author of the 300th comment. To ensure the integrity of the competition (and to prevent spam or pointless posting), we will not be providing an count of the number of comments.
  • For every 300 comments (excluding spam or comments that breach our terms and conditions), we will award at least one prize for the comment or comments judged as the “best comment”. The winner of this prize for “best comment” will be awarded at TV Daily’s discretion, but the reasons why the prize has been awarded will be
  • The winners of the prizes will be contacted through the email registered on our comments system. If the winner does not respond within 7 days of receiving that email, the prize will be forfeited.
  • TV Daily reserves the right to modify the terms of this competition or end this competition at our discretion.
  • The terms of this competition were last modified on 7 March 2016.

We’ll be announcing all the winners on this page as it comes.





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  1. Mike Tuesley says:

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  2. Hong C Huang says:

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  3. Charlotte says:

    Can’t watch it

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