Under Investigation 16 March 2022: Putin the Tyrant on Nine

Putin the Tyrant – Presented by Liz Hayes, Under Investigation features an elite and renowned team of story insiders seeking to solve crimes and uncover new evidence surrounding an unsolved mystery, a divisive or complex social issue or topical news event

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Each week, this group will apply their collective experience to an unsolved mystery, a divisive or complex social issue or a topical news event.

This show is broadcast on Channel Nine.

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12 Responses

  1. Sharon Byrne says:

    I watched with interest and frankly,was quite disgusted by the way Mr Tony Kevin was unable to tell his side of the story. The so called panel if experts were quick to over ride him and coupled with their face pulling antics, I felt it was a very biased show. The public are being ” steered” into their thinking.A minority of the public know that the Ukraine has quite a few biotech labs ( American backed) right on Russia’s doorstep – these are Putins targets. The Warsaw pact ( The Iron Curtain)has been done away with ( an act of peace) but NATO has grown in strength ( an act of ?) .
    We in the West really need to ” wake up” to ourselves and see who the power hungry trouble makers really are.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who apart from you wants to hear his opinions?. Are you serious?. Did you really want to hear that crap?. War crimes are being committed, Men,women, children and elderly are being bombed and killed, And you want to hear what he had to say??? Maybe you should be deported along with him.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He said he spent 1 month over there, will make me spew to write the name of that crap hole. He has been brain washed, Send the Bastard back. No place in Australia for Morons like that talking and spreading crap. Why did they put the idiot on TV. The Prime Minister should be sacked for giving him the job.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tony Kevin better enjoy money putin paid him to ignore inhumane war against a men, women and children. He should be ashamed to call himself an Australian cause Australian people ashamed to have him live in our country. Tony pretty much a war criminal backing the new bin laddin

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tony Kevin a maggot. Since Russia doing no wrong aus should deport him to Ukraine on the front line see if he still back Putin. He should have million bounty on his head like Putin.We don’t need people like that in our country. If he lives in aus we all should make his life hell

  6. William McInnes says:

    Dear Liz.
    I’m sure if given the opportunity, Tony Kevin would be happy to be deported to Russia, or maybe we can hear his pathetic counter argument as to why that would not be appreciated.

    Can the Australian Government help him achieve that obvious desire which he has to live under the embrace of Adolf Hitler resurrected, and behave like the village idiot whilst living in this country.

    Tony’s dictatorship preference to democracy, should allow him to willingly leave Australia and if deportation is not his first choice, then I am happy to buy him a one way ticket.

    As an afterthought Liz, why was Tony recently in Russia for a month…. Is he another wannabe Moseley with an agenda? Try asking him please

  7. Pauline Rose says:

    Tony Kevin needs to be sent to jail for treason…….not to mention stupidity! What has Putin paid him over the years for his blind support? As OUR REPRESENTATIVE!!!!!!! I am ashamed!

  8. Rikhards says:

    I am ashamed to say I am Australian if this is how Tony Kevin thinks. What is his end game? Acquiescence to Putins demands in the hope of playing a role in Russias new order? Or does he honestly discredit the overwhelming evidence of crimes against humanity being perpetrated daily.

  9. Jeanette Michalk says:

    Regarding the discussion on Under Investigation Re Putin – why is it that with 9/11 the USA were able to shut the airspace over the USA without asking anyone, yet Ukraine has to get permission to close the airspace over their own country? We criticised leaders during WWII for not doing enough soon enough for the Jewish people who were targeted by Hitler, so why are we doing the same thing now?

  10. Bronwyn Jones says:

    Interesting and worrying comments on Putin , Russia and Ukraine. Why is Liz Hayes not allowing Tony Kevin to speak. Clearly he has controversial and opposing comments. Even more necessary to hear his opinion to prove Australia allows freedom of speech.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Tony Kevin needs to have all of his Australian government awards and future payments cancelled after his horrendous showing on 9’s Under Investigation Putin special. There appears to be no redeeming qualities in the man and is an embarassment to the Australian people. He and his opionions need to be ignored to avoid further harm from his fake news and dangerous views.

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