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Border Security – 24 March 2020 – 24/3/2020 – March 24 – Tuesday – Seven – 7

An American man makes a shocking confession in one of Borders most dramatic busts. A strange package from Russia is found to contain an extremely rare and unusual item. When a Chinese man is reluctant to answer officer’s questions, they soon realise he’s covering for a partner in crime. What a man has hidden in his bag could have a devastating effect on biosecurity. Watch this episode of Border Security on Plus7

Insight – 24 March 2020 – 24/3/2020 – March 24 – Tuesday – SBS

Jenny Brockie chats to some of the brave firefighters that worked over the Black Summer bushfire period, and together they discuss future summers in Australia. Insight is Australia’s leading forum for ideas and powerful first-person stories, offering a unique perspective on news and current affairs. Each week, Gold Walkley award-winning journalist Jenny Brockie drives a discussion that examines a single topic. Insight brings together in one forum people with personal experience on an issue as well as experts and those with strong opinions. Watch this episode of Insight on SBS