MacGyver – 4/3/2017 – 4 March 2017 – March 4 – 7:30pm Saturday – Seven – 7


When Matty’s goddaughter and her boyfriend are killed in a San
Francisco park, Mac and the team investigate the crime and start to
suspect that the 1970’s Zodiac Killer has returned. 

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Name: MacGyver

Channel: Ten

Timeslot: 7:30pm Saturday

Genre: Drama

Description: Eccentric genius Walter O’Brien leads a group of brilliant misfits who constitute Homeland Security’s new think tank, helping defend against the high-tech threats of the computer age. The team — dubbed Scorpion — includes behaviorist Toby Curtis, mechanical prodigy Happy Quinn, and statistics guru Sylvester Dodd. While comfortable with one another, the team members struggle with understanding life outside their circle, so when they need help translating societal cues, they rely on the skills of Paige Dineen, a woman with a gifted young son.

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