Going Country – 9 November 2021 – 9/11/2021 – ABC

Justine Clarke continues her road trip, meeting some of our greatest musicians including Briggs and Troy Cassar-Daley, and discovering how country music captures who we are as a people and a nation. (Final)

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This show is broadcast on the ABC.

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  1. Nadejda Kuznetzova Letat says:

    I’ve lived all my life in Australia & loved Australian Country Music – amongst other genre. However my real dilemma – who am I & where do I belong? Both parents were Russian/Siberian (Indigenous Altai). Then John Williams speaks about his “mystery song – True Blue” & I get tearful again!
    My family immigrated to Australia & we farmed (Callide Valley). Sadly my father died when I was very young but I recall how he also loved Australian country music & often played his guitar after farm-work was done. I particularly love John Williams’ song “True Blue”. To me, It is an enigmatic song as while I cannot deny my “Russian-ness”, I also cannot deny being “True Blue”. No clear-cut “either-or” but a mix of “this & that” & resulting in form of equanimity, if that is possible. Nevertheless, “True Blue” is for me an equaliser – enigmatic equaliser!
    Note: I wish I could convince Indigenous Australians to overcome trauma of their ancestry. History tells us that everyone experiences trauma either directly or indirectly & during different eras of time & endure different intensity. We should try to live this short life as best we can endure.

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