A Current Affair – 14 March 2017 – 14/3/2017 – March 14 – Tuesday – Nine – 9

A Current AffairDiscuss tonight’s episode of A Current Affair on TV Daily, Australia’s TV Discussion Community. Discuss recent stories including:

  • Price Check: A price comparison on the popular supermarket home brands.
  • Squatters: Living rent free, but angry as hell. One couple’s horrible experience with a rent-free agreement that went sour.
  • Homewares: The latest battleground for retailers – homewares. Prices are dropping like never before. In fact, you can even makeover a room for under $50.
  • Bully Builder: The builder who seems to be proud that he’s appearing on A Current Affair for annoying his neighbours. But unfortunately for him, the police are now taking action.
  • Lyme Disease: The Aussie families batting Lyme disease. Sufferers of the debilitating, but controversial, illness say they experience daily seizures and extreme fatigue – which is managed by a cocktail of drugs. But incredibly, the disease is not officially recognised in Australia.
  • Vile Attack: It’s the vile and unprovoked attack by a man on a teenage girl working at a fast food drive-through. Luckily, it was all caught on camera.
  • Hoon Crash: A moment of madness; a lifetime of pain and heartache. After yesterday’s tragedy, it’s clear that police are fighting a losing battle as reckless drivers get more high-tech.

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Title: A Current Affair

Channel: Nine

Genre: News

Timeslot: Weekdays 7pm

Show Description: A Current Affair is an Australian current affairs program airing weeknights on the Nine Network of TV channels. The program is currently presented by Tracy Grimshaw.

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  1. Samantha McKay says:

    Before you, as a program, condemn delinquent children check out their background – their babyhood especially. The latest neuroscience has shown clearly that the adult is shaped between the ages of zero to age four. The correct, sequential, development of the brain is totally dependent on parental touch, attention and environment. The brain does NOT develop automatically. (See prof Bruce Perry’s book ‘The Boy Who Was Raised As A Dog’. Blaming kids changes nothing and that’s what this particular program reeked of – blame, judgement and dislike. Current Affair is better than this.

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