A Current Affair – 1/3/2017 – 1 March 2017 – March 1 – 7:30pm Wednesday – Nine – 9

A Current AffairDiscuss tonight’s episode of A Current Affair on TV Daily, Australia’s TV Discussion Community. Discuss recent stories including:

  • Price Check: A price comparison on the popular supermarket home brands.
  • Squatters: Living rent free, but angry as hell. One couple’s horrible experience with a rent-free agreement that went sour.
  • Homewares: The latest battleground for retailers – homewares. Prices are dropping like never before. In fact, you can even makeover a room for under $50.
  • Bully Builder: The builder who seems to be proud that he’s appearing on A Current Affair for annoying his neighbours. But unfortunately for him, the police are now taking action.
  • Lyme Disease: The Aussie families batting Lyme disease. Sufferers of the debilitating, but controversial, illness say they experience daily seizures and extreme fatigue – which is managed by a cocktail of drugs. But incredibly, the disease is not officially recognised in Australia.
  • Vile Attack: It’s the vile and unprovoked attack by a man on a teenage girl working at a fast food drive-through. Luckily, it was all caught on camera.
  • Hoon Crash: A moment of madness; a lifetime of pain and heartache. After yesterday’s tragedy, it’s clear that police are fighting a losing battle as reckless drivers get more high-tech.

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Title: A Current Affair

Channel: Nine

Genre: News

Timeslot: Weekdays 7pm

Show Description: A Current Affair is an Australian current affairs program airing weeknights on the Nine Network of TV channels. The program is currently presented by Tracy Grimshaw.

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