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First Dates Australia – 12 May 2020 – 12/5/2020 – May 12 – Tuesday – Seven – 7

Flamboyant, fashion-forward Vlad, is looking for a man with looks and style… Or at least one that can take a good selfie! Enter Jade Kevin Foster, a social media celebrity. In this episode, a spiritual salsa-dancer looks to find his twin flame; a landscape gardener hopes to make love blossom and it’s double trouble for two surfer sisters hoping to love. Watch this episode on Plus7

First Dates Australia – 11 March 2020 – 11/3/2020 – March 11 – Wednesday – Seven – 7

Vivacious Danielle is looking for a good guy who can ultimately just “get it up”. Brandon hopes his Dad jokes and “Red Jesus” beard can win over his date, Casey. Emma returns for a second shot at love, this time with tradie. Josh and Tash talk everything from one night stands to wedding bells, but will they say “yes” to a second date? Watch this episode on Plus7

First Dates Australia – 4 March 2020 – 4/3/2020 – March 4 – Wednesday – Seven – 7

First up tonight is celebrity Ajay Rochester, bringing big energy! She instantly hits it off with her date, truckie Matt. Young singletons Claudia and Jack bring the sizzle in this episode. Kane meets a skipping teacher who hasn’t yet managed to rope in a man. Skinny jean aficionado and pet photographer Adam hopes to find someone like-minded; Chris is a tradie looking for a lady. Watch this episode on Plus7

First Dates Australia – 26 February 2020 – 26/2/2020 – February 26 – Wednesday – Seven – 7

Shadi has returned to the restaurant for the fourth time! But he’s back a different man. He’s lost a lot of weight, he’s found faith and his chastity belt is now back tightly in place. Lingerie designer Jana dreams of a ‘big bald guy’ to carry her off into the sunset; Hip hop dancer Andrew attempts to seal the deal by showing Madeline his moves. Watch this episode on Plus7

First Dates Australia – 19 February 2020 – 19/2/2020 – February 19 – Wednesday – Seven – 7

A dater brings her dad along for her date. Also, aspiring white Kiwi rapper Tyler meets a saccharine Princess who can burp the alphabet. Two “proud nerds” bond over their addiction to super-heroes and sci-fi; Peta returns for another shot at love. A speech pathologist alerts her date about her over-protective, machete-wielding mother Watch this episode on Plus7