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Foreign Correspondent – 9 June 2020 – 9/6/2020 – June 9 – Tuesday – ABC

The show that takes the road less travelled, to the ends of the Earth, in search of the story. Open a window to the world as the ABC’s network of foreign correspondents uncover stories and meet people you won’t see elsewhere. Watch this episode on ABC iView Watched this episode? Discuss the show on TV Daily!

Australian Story – 1 June 2020 – 1/6/2020 – June 1 – Monday – ABC

Lest We Forget An Australian perspective on the Spanish flu of 1919 and the parallels to COVID-19. What lessons can we learn from the past from these remarkable stories of quiet courage and heroism from ordinary Australians? Putting the ‘real’ into reality TV, the award-winning series with no narrator and no agendas – just authentic stories told in people’s own words. Immerse yourself in the life of an extraordinary Australian. (Midseason Final). Watch this episode of Australian Story on ABC iView

Four Corners – 1 June 2020 – 1/6/2020 – June 1 – Monday – ABC

Bureau 39 North Korea is one of the most secretive nations on earth. Despite severe financial sanctions, the nation has defied international pressure and developed a costly nuclear weapons program. The question is, where is all that money coming from? Officially, Bureau 39 does not exist. But leading experts on the North Korean regime say it’s essentially the cash making machine for the Kim regime. In this investigation, from Germany’s ZDF, the story reveals the extensive web of operations carried out at the instruction of Bureau 39. From money laundering to arms smuggling, insurance fraud and human trafficking, the scale...