Better Homes and Gardens – 10 November 2017 – 10/11/2017 – November 10 – Friday – Seven – 7


Joh shares some clever budgeting tips for Christmas time. Adam and Jason build a revolving pavilion. Karen makes a tuna and shitake poke bowl. Tara visits Halcyon House on the Far North Coast of NSW.

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Title: Better Homes and Gardens

Channel: Seven

Genre: Lifestyle, Home Improvement

Timeslot: Friday 7:30pm

Description: Better Homes and Gardens is an Australian lifestyle television program which is broadcast on the Seven Network. The program covers a wide variety of lifestyle related topics and hobbies, offering advice and solutions including gardening, cooking, craft, pet care, home improvement and DIY, as well as featuring celebrity guests.

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2 Responses

  1. john w says:

    some plant that keeps away flies and mosquitoes, i didn’t catch the name

  2. Shell Hern says:

    What was the mosquito remedy featured on 10th November episode please !

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