Australian Story 4 April 2022: ‘Trials and Tribulations Part 2’ on ABC

Australian Story

Trials and Tribulations Part 2 – One town. Two devastated families. A wrongful conviction. But who killed Stacey Thorne?

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    2 Responses

    1. Kelly says:

      Regarding the clothes in the wood burner, at no point did they say they were having fires I’m summer. I’m fact it is stated that the initial police on the scene stated that they could not smell evidence of a recent fire.
      This material could have been there since winter, they didn’t look like a bunch of blokes who cleaned anything much!
      Secondly, it was stated that the evidence provided by the police to prove it was the shirt he was wearing, did not match the shirt on the video footage from the pub.
      I just can’t get over the sister saying that the police “did their job,” even in the face of damning photos and testimony, that the evidence was planted. I understand that that they want justice, but they are just trying to make the evidence for who they think is guilty, just like the police.

    2. Sarah Abercrombie says:

      Trials & Tribulations: Episode’s 1 & 2. Stacey Thorne & Scott Austin. I watched the second episode. With great interest. Considering that I’m a parent Having given birth to a West Australian, on April 4, that person was used against me Recently and in Past by what looks like Corrupt Cops, “Family” and Mark Ronald SCOTT. GGMC. 11/02/2008. With Annette DEVERELL, Irish Barrister, Avril DEVERELL inducted into the events too. Then it occurred to me the Coincidental events from 2006-2007/08. The “Bitch Culture” around Western Australia, Corrupt Police Officers. Coverups, Garlore. Then it occurred to me, I’d actually made a comment during possibly late 2006. About a neighbour of Mine whom was in the early stages of pregnancy. Her partner was mishandling, Poisons. Getting Poisons on his skin, inhaling the product he was using. I got literally targeted violently over those comments. My first Baby prompted these Poisons Debates. With the then husband. Then I thought, on April 4 2022, Stacey whom worked with kids, Pregnant herself & ABORIGINAL. Was stabbed in the throat, Chest and Face: Sinus, Larax, Upper Respiratory area and Lungs near heart. Could she have been killed, to prevent the “Bub”. From being born into a Very Unhealthy Polluted environment. 2007/2008 _2022. Same for me, I was left ALONE; in dubious circumstances, by two female Police Constables from Albany WA. April 6/7 2007. One was Aboriginal. She was working for Trevor Paul HILL. Looking back at events on 25/26th June 2006, Where I was nearly killed, luckily not knocked out or dangerously Concussed. The perpetrators, HILL & MILLS, didn’t care, nor did they explain themselves in any reasonable manner. Police, Courts, Law Sector, Corruption & RACISM was a big problem in Albany WA then. With discriminating bias against My Rights, I a FEMALE, certainly experienced. Luckily I had the Wits to survive. It seems Stacey, on HILL ST, didn’t. On 23rd July 2007, I got a sixth sense, and left the house on then Simms St later to become SIMS Street. I locked it THE HOUSE, up and went to Kalgoorlie WA to visit a daughter. I’d been left on my own. Yet I had a husband then. But he was using lies, to steal our children from “Our Marriage”. Starling & Millward, Court Registrar’s ALBANY LOCAL COURTHOUSE, that assisted him in penning a VRO application against the Wife [ ME] . I promptly left Albany holding the key’s to the house. Legal Aid WA had My Case, but weren’t doing anything to help. ” Flossie” had her baby, down the road. Hubby Mills, wanted to have Sex with her, apparently. SEX! That all important word used by Scott Austic. There’s no loving involved. It’s just Swinging & Sex. Without Reasonable Morals. So there we have, two females in an environment of, Corruption, Sexism, Swinging, Pollution, Real Estate Grabs, baby bumps; Without Reasonable Doubt, and VRO complications. Did Stacy Thorne, reveal whom could have killed her. STABBING her 21 times. Like who counts!? She walked quite a distance to try to get help. Stabbed; In areas, that are effected, on the body by Bouxtie, Coal and Allumina Dusts. We are surrounded by it. Whom were the mystery footprints, footprint? FINGERPRINTS, now there’s a Story there concerning Albany WA Police Officers. Where were Stacey’s neighbours, in her minutes of needs. All I can agree on Wholeheartedly, is yes there was and still is Police Corruption, [ My M.E, Credit Card Stolen by Cops 2007] and ALAS COMMUNITY BACK STABBING. I CURRENTLY live in BODDINGTON WA. I thought it a nice town, but can certainly say my views have changed somewhat recently. I also curiously Wondered why Mr SCOTT AUSTIC was burning clothes in his fireplace. In the second episode, he claims, they used he & flat mates, kerosene soaked rags to light the fire? In summer? All I can say is I have been falsely arrested to cover up Police Complaint’s about the last 18 years. I’ve never had a compensation payout over police interference during My Divorce Proceedings with local security company WILSONS security. So good luck to Scott Austic.

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