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Discuss recent stories including:

  • Price Check: A price comparison on the popular supermarket home brands.
  • Squatters: Living rent free, but angry as hell. One couple’s horrible experience with a rent-free agreement that went sour.
  • Homewares: The latest battleground for retailers – homewares. Prices are dropping like never before. In fact, you can even makeover a room for under $50.
  • Bully Builder: The builder who seems to be proud that he’s appearing on A Current Affair for annoying his neighbours. But unfortunately for him, the police are now taking action.
  • Lyme Disease: The Aussie families batting Lyme disease. Sufferers of the debilitating, but controversial, illness say they experience daily seizures and extreme fatigue – which is managed by a cocktail of drugs. But incredibly, the disease is not officially recognised in Australia.
  • Vile Attack: It’s the vile and unprovoked attack by a man on a teenage girl working at a fast food drive-through. Luckily, it was all caught on camera.
  • Hoon Crash: A moment of madness; a lifetime of pain and heartache. After yesterday’s tragedy, it’s clear that police are fighting a losing battle as reckless drivers get more high-tech.

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2 Responses

  1. colin..moffatt says:

    what would politicians know about living on an old age pension,even whab voted out they have made sure their pay will be assured by the politicians not your voted out..you scrath my back and likewise
    their financial future is never under stress,the tax payer will always ensure these hopeless people will not have to live on the pittance they call the old age pension.

  2. Margaret Wilkens says:

    Watching your show tonight about the pension not going up in September… Just want to say that this sort of thing is just fear-mongering. The $1500 stimulus package we all got is way more than the $7 (approx) that we would have received in September. My husband and I are aged pensioners, and are very grateful for the stimulus package, and we also manage well on the pension, even able to save a little each fortnight towards holidays. I just would like to hear more positive stories and less fear-mongering. Elderly people are fearful enough at the moment without it being reinforced that they are not getting their extra $7/ fortnight, for a few months.

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