24 Hours In Emergency – 2 November 2020 – 2/11/2020 – Monday – SBS

28 year old Xintong is rushed to A&E after being flung from a go-kart at full speed. Doctors are concerned there may be damage to her spine and send her for urgent CT scans. As the medical team assess her injuries, her fiancé Deon explains how Xintong was raised in China and how their relationship survived the distance between them when she returned home from studying in London. Meanwhile, 58 year old Gary has come to St George’s after trapping his finger between two shopping trolleys, causing it to swell enormously. He is treated by ENP Ali, who after 37 years as a nurse, has a story of her own to tell.

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About 24 Hours In Emergency

This show is broadcast on SBS.

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